Beanstock Beans

Earning Beanstock Beans (which is really cash) is easy, fun and our way of saying thanks for making one of your friends one of our friends.

Here's how to get started: Simply click on the Refer a Friend tab at the top of the screen. Enter your friend's name and e-mail address as well as your own and a short message if you like. Your friend will receive an e-mail invitation to Beanstock. You can also refer a specific coffee by clicking the Refer a Friend link on your favorite coffee page.

Once they start ordering, you'll get a 4% credit on every purchase they make. For example, say they want the six bag discount (8% off!). If each bag is $8.99 then the six bag subtotal is $53.94. Four percent of $53.94 is $2.16 or 216 beans in your account! See what happened there? They received the discount but you received the full price credit.

The credit/money goes directly into your account for you to use anytime you like. So, get busy because more friends equals more beans! Click here to get started.