Cup of Killian

12.00 oz.

More about Cup of Killian

A strong, earthy and soothing blend for the inspiring young man who brought life to the words "Don't let your dreams be dreams." A portion of the proceeds from every bag goes to the Killian Mansfield Foundation. For more info please visit

Killian Mansfield was a very special young man who recently lost his battle with a rare form of cancer called synovial sarcoma. My kids and I first got to know him through some good friends and further when Killian's parents opened a general store in West Shokan, N.Y. and decided they wanted to serve Beanstock Coffee. We were honored to be invited to Killian's funeral (really a celebration of his life) in September and were asked if we wouldn't mind donating coffee for the event. This was a no-brainer, but my daughter Molly, who had become very close with Killian wanted it to be special so she created the label you see here and we created a brand new blend. Then, just recently, the Killian Mansfield Foundation contacted us and asked if we would be willing to add it to the web site and give a portion of the proceeds to the KMF. Again, a no-brainer. This is just a little background to our connection with the cause. For more info visit